SIZES: 14x8 Big Chief

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Vintage Bikes always are the source and inspiration of my works of art.

I've always been fascinated by the crazy wall of death acrobat riders. They are almost gone, the motodromes and the hell drivers. But some keep riding.

Still today they perform on 1920's Indian Scout motorcycles. After meeting one of the drivers, I decided to put all my love for such bikes and riders into a drum.

The red and white outside with the woody rough structure represents the outer wall of the motodrome. Inside you will find the crashed Indian Scout bike on the wood track.

The death skull came off of one of the driver's bike. I used some old parts from my own Harley like the choke throttle that operates the sheep's wool muffler on the top head.

The tire marks around the shell are from an original 1930's Firestone tire.

The drum sounds like a wooden drum but with the power of a solid cast shell. Little more power in the mid frequencies and no metallic ring but still with nice overtone.

Truly a drum I've never heard before. Maybe the first solid steel and wooden hybrid shell ever.

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