Romeo & Juliet

The most romantic snare I ever did. "Romeo & Juliet". The size is 14x6,5.

My customer wanted a mixture between rockabilly style and the movie "Romeo and Juliet". My basic theme for the drum was that endless love will overcome death. Death and Love and the big question. All the lugs and rims are bronze plated. The die cast shell here is iron plated and rusted afterwards. All paintings are done by hand.

I prefer the rough and worn out look on some drums. I use rust and patina as colours and structure not neccessary to age the look of the drum. I just like to work with it as tools and I find some growing structures way more fascinating than a perfect shiny laquered drum. Every other drum looks so scary perfect that they don´t have any soul left. If an instrument is made by hand in many hours there is of course more brain and creativity in the drum. Every drum I make has its own character and soul. You won`t get this from a mass produced instrument.

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