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The new 14x8 Big Chief "R.A.W"!

This baby is a full strike. I love the beauty of raw materials. This die cast shell is softly sanded to get the smooth optic in contrast to the chrome hardware. You can also have the shell plain without sanding which looks also amazingly cool. Due to the unfinished shell this drum produce even more beautiful high frequencies with an outstanding controllable overtone. Phantastic drum with reduced optic to the max. All the beautiful stream line lugs get the full attention of the eye.

Who says drums can t be sexy? To me this has more sex appeal than Marylin Monoroe. Maybe because I am as nerdy as my clients... Pure steel, brass and chrome. This baby won t bring you home it is home. The new R.A.W. Big Chief 14x8. A true drummers porn.

Everything on this drum is about sound and reliability. The Trick strainer fits perfect to the reduced look of the drum and is a dream on every drum. Allthough the BigChief is 8" deep the response of the drum is like playing a piccolo. This drum does everything in the studio and live for me. I always use different hoops from wood to die cast to get almost any sound for any musical style. This is the only drum you MUST have...



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