Vintage wood hoops

Get it!

This is the drum that Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones played and said: "Udo, I, I, I, want that drum!"

What a gorgeous  old vintage drum is this? Oh no - It is not old! It is a brand new Masshoff Big Chief 8“x14“ featuring some old vintage Slingerland wood hoops, Ludwig vintage claws and an old Jimmy Pratt Gretsch Muffler fitted with sheepwool.

I recently played it on the upcoming Andreas Kümmert record. It sounds like from the 1940's but it has Die Cast Shell power and the unsurpassed response. Phantastic drum - I love it to death :-)

The gold glass type sparkle is still so beautiful. The look can't get classier than this.

Although I am making more art finishes I really enjoy some of the old vintage finishes. Of course I can cover any drum in 100 plus different drum wraps to match your own kit. Gimme a call!



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