Torsten Zwingenberger

"Udo Masshoff is the  Picasso-Dali-van Gogh of the drum manufacturer - awesome!"

Torsten Zwingenberger


 Virtuos-Contemporary-Oldschool-Drumming in all groovy, swinging and melodical Jazz-, Blues- and R ‘n‘ B styles

How did you get to know Udo and Masshoffdrums?


At the drumstore Just In Music in Hamburg I saw in 2011 three models of his snaredrums and was surprised about the beavertale lugs, because they are also at my Slingerland Radio King kit. I checked these snaredrums at the store and asked, if this guy also produces  such amazing complete drumkits like these snares. So I called Udo, made an appointment at his studio, checked his prototype drumkit and was the first one, who ordered from him a complete drumkit with the sizes 22“/13“/14“/16“ and 14-6,5“ Snaredrum. Udo called my kit „Jaguar“

On which projects did you use Masshoffdrums till now?


I use them on all my actual projects. My first CD and DVD Recording was „BERLIN 21 - Capital Letters“. And my next album with BERLIN 21 will be produced in a few months (December 2015) and I will play than my next Masshoff drumkit and I‘m really looking

Why do you use and like Masshoffdrums?


First off all: The sound! No matter if you play VERY SOFT or extreme L O U D, you will always have a warm full sound! The snare is 100% precise. These drums really help to play heavy stuff easily and I get inspired, to create new ideas for my personal drum-technique, what I call „drumming5point“. And of course there are Udo‘s unique designs. Each of his drumkits is an master piece of artwork!

"I checked these snaredrums at the store and asked, if this guy also produces such amazing complete drumkits [...]"

With which artist did you work till now?


I became first known to a bigger public as an accompanist of blues and boogie woogie players on different record-productions for instance with my brother Axel Zwingenberger and rhythm and blues singer Big Joe Turner (1979).

In 1981 I recorded my first jazz album and 1983 I began to produce records myself, documenting my work and development, for example with saxophonist Buddy Tate (1983), trumpeter Harry “Sweets” Edison (1986) and saxophonist Plas Johnson (1989).

On countless concerts and tours I played also with Joe Pass, Jay Mc Shann, Buddy De Franco, Joe Newman, Ray Bryant, Benny Bailey, Red Holloway, Leo Wright, Charly Musselwhite, Champion Jack Dupree, Katie Webster a. m. o. more.

In 1992 I performed in the row of “Highlights in Jazz” in New York City with the trumpet players Jon Faddis and Doc Cheatham and the guitarist Peter Bernstein.

Since 2010 I perform also again with my first band „New Orleans Shakers“. Since 2013 I‘m touring a lot with my new band „BERLIN 21“. Also do I play  concerts with the Memphis International Blues Award winners from 2011 Georg Schroeter (p) and Marc Breitfelder (harp) and with my brother Axel Zwingenberger (p), with Jan Luley (p) and many others as well.



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