Tim Tautorat

TIM Tautorat



I studied Violin and dipl. Tonmeister at the University of Music in Detmold and I work as a Producer, Songwriter, Arranger and Engineer. I have my own Studio that is part of the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin.


With which artists and Bands did you work till now?


Pharrell Williams, the Kooks, Herbert Grönemeyer, In Flames, Olli Schulz, AnnenMayKantereit


How did you get to know Udo and Masshoffdrums?


I got introduced to Udo by Micheal Ilbert back when I was mostly working as an in house engineer at Hansa Studios. I had a British client with a pretty sophisticated taste in drums and I was told to meet Udo as he would be the right person to talk to. So true.

Why do you use and like Masshoffdrums?


Apart from the superior sound, Masshoff drums are perfectly suited for the use in the studio as they are easy to tune, they keep the tuning very well and last but not least they are a real eye-catcher and the drummers love them first sight.


On which projects did you use Masshoffdrums till now?


The Hirsch Effekt

AnnenMayKantereit - Wird schon irgendwie gehen EP


Olli Schulz - Feelings aus der Asche

The Family Rain (UK)

Gran Noir (CH)





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