Thomas Fietz

"Masshoffdrums sound just the way they look – better. They are exclusive instruments made with great passion."



I´m a Berlin based drummer, who's totally in love with his job.

With which artist did you work till now?


Julia Marcell, Roman Lob, Mas Shake, Sarah Connor, Dear Reader, LCMDF and many others.

How did you get to know Udo and Masshoffdrums?


I met Udo years ago via mutual friends and we clicked from the beginning, talking drums and drum stories about Philly Joe Jones. Udo knows so much, he is a walking history book of drums.

One day he called me at 1am and urged me to come this instant to his place in Berlin, because he had just made the most beautiful snare in the world. So I went and we spent time admiring his work – the snare was white with a finish that looked like frost. And under every screw there was a red felt, like the ones you find on a Steinway piano. Unbelievable elegance and class. And of course, it sounded fantastic. That's when I shared my dream of owning a green snare one day. He just looked at me, went to the storage and came back with the british racing green beauty of a snare, that has been a part of my collection ever since.


Why do you use and like Masshoffdrums?


I already mentioned the looks. But the biggest thing about Masshoffdrums is the sound. It's rich, distinctive, with big dynamic range. Masshoffdrums are unbelievably flexible live and in the studio and make my life easier, they are great instruments.


On which projects did you use Masshoffdrums till now?


I use them whenever I can, I usually bring a Masshoff snare to any recording session that I'm making and most of the time I end up using it. Last thing I did was a Julia Marcell album “Sentiments”, Masshoffdrums are also very present on the brand new one we're making right now.


A Masshoff is perfect for any situation when you need to produce a wide range of sounds with one snare. For example, a film soundtrack. I did a couple with Cherilyn McNeil and with Julia and I was able to easily jump between the genres whenever it was needed.

Live, I used it lately with Roman Lob – it's cutting through perfectly in a loud club scenery, but stays rich and beautiful in tone for the quieter songs.



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