Sönke Reich

Sönke Reich


...was born in Hamburg and raised in Noderstedt. After his degree at the Hamburg school for music and theater Sönke went to the Popakademie Mannheim and studied there.

How did you get to know Udo and Masshoffdrums?


I met Udo when I joined one of his Tuning Workshops.

Why do you use Masshoffdrums, if there are 1000 other drums you have?


The sound of the snare drum is simply so unique and it sounds in my standard tuning (fat and low) more aggressive and mightier than all other drums that I know. This adds little mojo to every recording. Recently I had the chance on a Sony recording session for the artist Kenay to play a full Masshoff kit. The producer Jem Seifert has bought a full kit for the studio. This was a real happening. The kick drum goes so low that only deep see water divers have experienced something like this. The Toms can develop a sustain similar to tympanies. Therefore this Drumkit meets the requirement for modern Music more than any other kit on the market.

"The Heart of my collection of classic drums is the BIG Chief from Udo. She is on 70% of all recordings I am doing. Simply producers` darling."

Can you name some of the productions you did with Masshoff Drums?


I would say that I recorded about 80% of the last 2 wingenfelder records (ex fury in the slaughterhouse). Due to the sound prominence of the drum in the arrangements the brothers did numerous studioblogs with it.

The drum is really my buddy, even on the Mark Foster "Au Revoir" single which sold more than 700.000 copies, the Tinie Tempahs Single (Tears Run Dry), the upcoming BAP album, Kenay and countless other recordings.


Wingenfelder - Selbstauslöser

Wingenfelder - Retro

Von Brücken - Weit Weg Von Fertig

Revolverheld - Immer In Bewegung

Mark Forster - Bauch Und Kopf

Tinie Tempah - Demonstration

Cassandra Steen - Spiegelbild

Kenay - Rot Und Blau

BAP - Lebenslänglich

Nico Suave - Unvergesslich

With which artists and Bands did you work till now?


BAP, Nico Suave, Sway Clarke II, Tinie Tempah, Tim Bendzko, Namika, Cassandra Steen, Xavier Naidoo, Mark Forster, Jonathan McReynolds, PollyAnna, Qeaux Qeaux Joans, Von Brücken, Kenay, Nisse, LiamX, Gunter Gabriel, Jennifer Kae, Ganes, BoZ, Elif, Wingenfelder, Lena Meyer Landruth, and many more.



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