"Masshoff Drums are like a tank, very heavy and sturdy. But not the kind of tank that goes around doing damage and pain, rather a peace-tank with beautiful sounds coming out of it. Imagine a tank that is shooting flowers out of its tank gun, that is a Masshoff Drum. Beautiful!"



photo: Martina Hugl

These days I am mainly playing drums for the legendary 80's band Alphaville, we are touring all year long to often very beautiful places, playing highly energetic concerts to enthusiastic audiences. I have been playing drums since I was 12 and never left this fantastic instrument, still to this day a very great pleasure.

How did you get to know Udo and Masshoffdrums?


A friend introduced me to Udo some years ago and there was immediately a very strong and friendly connection between me and Udo. Whenever Udo showed me the drums that he is building it was love at first sight and I was highly impressed by the diversity of these drums.

Do you use Masshoff Drums in the studio as well?


I always carry my Masshoff Snare drum with me to recording sessions and I have used it frequently ever since I got it. Sometimes a more specific sound is needed, depending on the vision of the artist/producer, then wooden or trashy or small or old drums are needed, a variety of drums is useful in situations like that. But from my experience the perfect sound qualities of Masshoff Drums satisfy the needs and the ears of artists and producers alike. They are great drums! Period.

Why do you use and like Masshoffdrums?


I can get any sound out of my Big Chief Snaredrum, from very low to very high volumes. In a small club all the fine notes are there, on a big stage all the fine notes are also still there, even with loud guitars and basses that surround me. It works and feels good in every situation, what more could I expect from an instrument?

photo: Torsten Goltz

"I can get any sound out of my Big Chief Snaredrum, from very low to very high volumes."

With which artist did you work till now?


Besides many others Alphaville, Gods Of Blitz, Julia Marcell, Rotfront, Electric Lizard, Payola, Ohrbooten



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