SIZES: 22x14, 10x7, 13x9, 15x14, 18x14

During the conversation with my client I found out how deep his love for Cuba is. He is spending every year some time in Cuba to live and play. I came up with the Cuba Kit 24x14, 10x7, 13x9, 15x14 and 18x14.


The finish on the drums shows the famous colored house alley in Old Havana next to the Capitol. You can almost feel the warm climate and the smell of Cuba on the picture. Look at the amazing old car that were kept in running shape for almost 60 years. That´s the vibe the drumkit has. Imagine you sit on the sunny balcony on the tom and watch yourself playing the kit.


The pictures were taken by my client. The finish with the pictures is done over rusted and lacquered shells and has a lot of hand drawings on the buildings. I used 74 K karat leaf gold on lugs and shells as well to create structures. I couldn't count the hours I worked on this kit. I can practically create anything you want as long as I am inspired by the idea. If not, I have to dig deeper in your life to find the personal instrument in you.


The kit has some unusual specs starting with the sizes. The kick 24x14 and the toms are 10x8, 13x9, floor toms are 15x14 and 18x14. The tonal interval is perfect balanced between the drums. Very special these days is the 15x14 floor tom, which has almost the tone of a 14" floor tom but almost the power of 16". This fits very much to the deep tone of the 18x14 floor tom. But there is more to the kit than the obvious eye can see. If you convert the 18" to a kick drum, which is done in seconds you have a fantastic 18,10,15 Jazz&Jungle kit and a 24,13,18 Rock kit. Two kits in one!! Not enough, each Masshoff Stainless steel shell of the kit has a second (!) maple shell inside. The 2 Shell drums sound just unbelievable warm and fat but you can still produce a tympani like sound with thin heads. The future of drummaking is made right here in Berlin….


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