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This is one of my favoured Drums for several reasons.

First this drum is a 14x7 two shell snare drum (Die Cast shell with inner 8 ply maple shell) that I invented 1 year ago.

The sound is unheard. Solid die cast power with a woody tone. It is the perfect drum for those of you who love the sound of wood snare but with the unequaled  power of a bell brass drum.

Second is I fell so much in love with the brave Muhammad Ali. I did a lot of research on the person Ali and he really was a human champion besides being a boxing legend.

The third reason is that it became my first political drum. I have tried to capture some essential parts of Muhammad Ali in the context of his time and what this man stood for.

So everything on this drum has a deep meaning in the life of Ali. He was an honest fighter for peace and love. Distracted by the American government for not fighting in Vietnam or converting over to Islam and changing his name from Cassius Clay into Muhammad Ali, because Clay was the name his family got when they were in slavery. Clay as the name of the landlord not of his family. They took his titles away and band him from boxing for 3,5 years. Check out this encouraging man and watch some Ali interviews. They are dead funny because he was smart and well spoken and he knew how to tell the truth. Seeing the world with the pure eyes of a child. A true hero. So  the title of the drum "Clay vs Ali" has a deeper meaning.

I also found some new materials to work with in a creative way to create new drum finishes that haven t done before.

The wall and Ali are 3 dimensional sculptures where you can feel every brick or muscles.

Inside the drum there is a boxing ring and you can see some of his glorious fights with sonny Liston and George Foreman as well as some famous quotes when you look through the airvents and badge.

I started the drum and Ali sadly passed away while I was working on it.

The drum was made for a drummer and art collector, who also is the owner the 14x8 Wall of Death snare drum I made 3 years ago.

Someday in the future we will have a vernissace with all those drums. Feel free to contact me for your drum. Cheers, Udo



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